Meet the Team

Team Based in Portland, Oregon

Current Team Members

Linda George | Air Quality

Linda is investigating monitoring and statistical techniques for assessing air quality at the scale relevant to public health. We are also interested in understanding the role of urban systems, such as transportation and land use planning, as they impact air quality.

Lynne Messer | Community Health

Lynne explores how the intersection of social-environmental injustices with residential segregation exacerbates maternal and child health disparities among vulnerable populations. She does so within the developmental origins of health and disease framework.

Meenakshi Rao | Environment and Respiratory Health

Meenakshi uses a variety of observational methods,  spatial analyses, statistical methods and modeling to investigate the potential of the urban tree canopy in mitigating the health impacts of air pollution.

Todd Rosenstiel | Biology 

Todd is an Associate Professor of Biology and VP for Research at Portland State University. Dr. Rosenstiel’s research examine tropospheric-atmospheric interactions with an emphasis on plant physiology.

Vivek Shandas | Urban Sustainability

Vivek studies how urban spaces and their inhabitants impact the natural environment—and how innovative approaches through design, policy, and community involvement can actually improve a city’s environmental and social conditions.

Cassandra Bent | Research Analyst

Cassandra presents and interprets data in contribution to the project. Her background in horticulture. research, and community projects fosters her drive to pursue projects focusing on greenspace as it relates to the community.

Research Alumni

Philip Orlando | Environmental Science

Philip develops low-cost air quality sensor nodes and validates them against scientific-grade instruments. From data acquisition to analysis, he is interested in deploying high-density sensor networks to help us define the underlying spatial-temporal patterns of the urban airshed.

Dani Schulte | Community Engagement

Dani develops communication tools to synthesize the research and findings in order to disseminate the data and generate support for the project. She has worked as a volunteer coordinator, outreach specialist, and marketing assistant supporting environmental organizations and causes.

Thank You to Our Partners and Data Contributors

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